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Pirates Dinner Adventure

The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is located near the northern end of International Drive, close to Universal Studios. Its theater consists of six sections of audience seating surrounding a 300,000 gallon lagoon. The lagoon features a set designed to look like a pirate ship. Six pirates compete in various athletic events (sword fighting, acrobatics, etc.) with each section of the audience cheering its pirate.


Children from the audience participate in the show. Audience members get to participate, helping the pirate raise a flag or collect items. The attraction is proud to say over 100 members of the audience get to participate in each show, so if you’re interested and enthusiastic your chances of getting selected are excellent. Even kids participate in uniform as junior pirates. Naturally there’s professional photographers who will gladly sell you a photo of your kids in action.


Three pirates race up a net. The dinner isn’t a 5-star restaurant by any means, but it is tasty. You’ve got your choice of chicken, roasted pork, or shrimp, plus rice, vegetables, a salad, and desert. One thing we especially liked about the place is the appetizers in the pre-show area. There are several serving stations set up with pasta, vegetables, and a carving station. Children’s and vegetarian meals are also available.


There’s a small museum which contains some real pirate artifacts and history. If you attend the late show there’s a “Buccaneer Bash Dance Party” afterwards and many of the cast members attend. Staying for the party is an excellent way to avoid the traffic jams when hundreds of cars try to leave the parking lot at the same time.

Ticket Prices:

Adult (12+ years of age) $61.95 + Tax
Child (3-11 years of age) $41.95 + tax
Children under three years of age FREE

Show Only Price (No Meal Included) $31.95 all ages

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